Magical childhood – play is the vehicle, nature is the playground


The Oakland Garden School (OGS) is a place of wonder that invites children to experience creativity, discovery, freedom and beauty.

The preschool’s beautiful garden setting has been designed to create a sensory rich environment which provides the children with a truly unforgettable outdoor learning experience.

4012 Maybelle Ave, Oakland, CA 94619

(510) 531-4800


School Hours: M-F: 8:00am – 5:30pm

The Place

There is a spirit in every place, an intangible something that we intuitively know to be its characteristic, energetic quality.

It is the spirit of a place that makes it memorable. It expands our sense of possibility and puts us in touch with what is the most loving, creative and human in ourselves.

Oakland Garden School is a place of wonder, creativity, freedom and beauty; being here, in our garden and in our classrooms our spirit is nourished.

Certified Wildlife Habitat

This property provides the four basic habitat elements needed for wildlife to thrive: food, water, cover, and a place to raise young.