Wildwood Children's School

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Matching Philosophies

Our two schools have a lot in common, while maintaining their own individual identities. Both schools offer a constructivist approach to education, a whole child approach where children's ideas are at the center of learning, a place where children are seen as competent and capable and integral to constructing the learning experience. Just a few miles away, Wildwood Children's School offers a slightly smaller campus with just as many exciting experiences in addition to infant care. 

Infant Care Program

We are very excited to have added an infant program in addition to our existing preschool program at Wildwood Children's School. This addition allows us to serve children from infancy until they enter kindergarten. Our philosophy is inspired by RIE and Magda Gerber, who passionately advocated the competence of the youngest children. The goal of the program is building loving and trusting relationships with infants, recognizing and acknowledging that even the youngest children are unique individuals with thoughts, needs, and ideas of their own. Their growth across all domains of development are all naturally unfolding once the basic loving relationship is established.

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